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Minerva’s practice emphasizes working closely with each patient, and when necessary, collaborating with the patient’s other healthcare providers to develop a unique and comprehensive treatment plan. Often, this means the most important part of her job is listening, so she can gain a clear understanding of her patients’ needs and comfort level.



Acupuncture and the full spectrum of Japanese and Chinese healing arts are at the heart of Hado Health. This healing modality is backed up by 3000 years of continued practice and we fell in love with it because of its integrative, highly effective approach to healing. 

Don’t shy away from acupuncture thinking it is painful. In fact, you will be happy to know that needle insertions are gentle and cause little to no discomfort. In most cases, all you will feel is a light warming or tingling sensation, numbness or slight soreness, pressure or relief. The sensations you experience will be our guide to the healing result - the lack of response might show that the energy (Qi) has yet to return to its proper pathway. Your feedback throughout the process will help Minerva achieve a successful result.

We also accompany acupuncture with other Eastern medicine modalities such as Chinese herbs and cupping or gua sha. Together they will offer you great results with a wide range of physical conditions and emotional conditions (acute / chronic pain, digestive disorders, insomnia, women’s health issues, depression, stress, anxiety). Hado Health is a licensed, safe and welcoming space where you can fully receive the support of Eastern medicine. Come and let us take care of you!



The medicine of the future might adopt a vibrational approach to healing. What quantum physics already tells us is that all cells vibrate in very specific ways. Within our cells, each component (electrons, protons, quarks, muons, etc) vibrates. In each cell there are tiny cellular components which radiate energy and light as a team. From a broader point of view, every organ is also a compilation and has a unique vibration when it is healthy and differing vibrations when it is sick (unbalanced). Quantum physics has proven this. When states of disease set in, vibrational frequencies change, as does the physical appearance of the tissue involved. And we also know, due to recent scientific research, that water has two extraordinary intrinsic properties: it has a memory and it carries information. These two scientific discoveries have prompted the development of cutting-edge technology for imprinting water with the frequencies that our bodies need at a cellular level so they can restore themselves to health. At Hado Health, we have invested in such technology and we now offer Hado Frequency Measurement. We assess your current vibrational condition and then imprint water with the vibrations your system would have in its harmonized state. This is how Hado Water is born. It has a special place in our overall treatment protocol because it brings ease, balance and calm to your energetic system. You will experience this as emotional fluidity, increased trust in your healing process and the alleviation of symptoms. Therefore, Hado Water works beautifully by itself or as a complement to other treatments. It opens us to a whole new field of possibilities for health and wellbeing. 



For us, anti-aging treatments are an integral part of cultivating self-confidence and wellbeing. Each one of us deserves support in aging gracefully and feeling radiant in our own skin.
Enter our Anti-Aging portfolio, packed with treatments to respond to your most important skin and beauty concerns. You can choose from acupuncture, micro-needling, micro-circulation improvement and bio-natural injections for the face. 

Acupuncture treats the underlying root causes of the imbalances that show on your face, such as stress, hormonal imbalance or poor digestion. It addresses these causes head-on by harmonizing energy flow via distal points all over the body. This means that you will look better while your body regains its health.

Microneedling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure used to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin. It may treat various scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and large pores. We use the most reliable, FDA approved device, making our treatment safer and far more effective than at-home rollers.

Our micro-circulation improvement technology addresses the slowdown of the pumping action of the smallest blood vessels in our skin. This happens as a result of our unhealthy living habits and as part of the natural aging process. Blood cells move much too slowly and can no longer adequately fulfil their tasks. As a result, your skin shows all the signs of aging. Once we use electromagnetically transmitted signals to stimulate your micro-circulation, your skin will be supplied with all that it needs to maintain a youthful, healthy look.

And to make things even better, why not match your newly glowing skin with bright, white teeth. With only 1 minute of prep, our 20-minute process delivers a realistic 2-5 shade change without causing any tooth sensitivity. This is a perfect complement to your beauty routine, allowing you to smile with confidence.

Schedule an appointment and let’s work together to find the best way to elevate your beauty! 



Integrative medicine works with each patient from a body-mind-spirit perspective and acknowledges that health is the consequence of good care at each of these levels. In this context, PSYCH-K® plays a very important role in our portfolio of services. This modality enables us to align our belief system with our desire to be healthy and thriving. Most of our beliefs and perspectives about life are subconscious - we are not aware of them. Still, they shape our life, deciding the limits of what we can do. Any change that we want to make in our lives, regarding health and beyond, must include a change of beliefs. Fortunately, through PSYCH-K® it is possible to change our self-limiting and self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs and the behaviors and habits that result from them. With these beliefs gone, nothing stands in between you and achieving anything you want in life. The areas in which PSYCH-K® can make changes are innumerable. Some of the most common reasons people turn to PSYCH-K® are to:

  • Alleviate anxiety (including specific types, such as the fear of flying and other phobias)

  • Transform traumatic events (PTSD)

  • Quit smoking or get rid of other bad habits

  • Improve communication in relationships

  • Create abundance by aligning the subconscious mind with our conscious goals

  • Gain self-knowledge, self-love and confidence

Include PSYCH-K® in your overall approach to wellbeing and enjoy reaching your goals faster and with much more ease. You can choose between remote or in person sessions.



Acute and chronic pain, strains, sprains and muscle spasms | Muscle stiffness | Illness and upper respiratory issues: fever, chills, asthma, bronchitis, cough | Digestive issues: indigestion, constipation, nausea, heatstroke, fibromyalgia, and more.


Acupuncture (acute & chronic pain, sports/motor vehicle/ and other injuries, stress, anxiety, insomnia, digestive disorders, women’s health, pregnancy, labor and postpartum care). Electro-acupuncture. Cupping. Injection therapy (homeopathic, nutrient, amino acids). Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy (boost immune system, nutrient supplementation, weight loss, athletic performance). Local injections to minimize the appearance of cellulite. Chinese herbs. Chinese therapy Moxa (women’s health). Micro-circulation (skincare). Gua sha massage. Micro-needling. +Sculpt Holistic Detoxing & Sculpting (skincare). Celluma LED Light Therapy (acne, pain, anti-aging). PSYCH-K® (change subconscious beliefs).



Minerva gave me 5 extensive treatments however after the 2nd one I was running up and down the hiking trails without pain. I was pain free for about 4 months when I decided to go back in for maintenance. I am now a firm believer of acupuncture. Thanks so much Minerva!”
— M. Romero, | Phoenix, AZ