Hado Encoded Water


There is a little love story unfolding here at Hado Health. We are absolutely enamored with Hado Water as one of the services we offer to support our clients and restore their well being.

The story is this:

Recent research has revealed that water has two very interesting properties: Water has a memory, and it is an excellent carrier of information. Given that our bodies are made of more than 70% water, it wasn’t long before scientists started to wonder if these properties could be applied in healthcare? The answer is yes! 

Researchers first started with the understanding that we are vibrational beings. Every one of our cells vibrates in a very specific way. Our energy body can be scanned and measured, and the information we gather speaks about our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states. Then they developed a device that can measure these vibrations or frequencies. The vibrational rate of cells at a healthy state is known and because of this, we have the ability to recognize when disharmonic vibrations are present.

The next question scientists asked: can we communicate a healthy frequency to the cells, so they can return to their thriving state? The answer once again seems to be yes! Water can be used to store the correct bioenergetic information and carry it to a person’s cells.

What should I use Hado Water for?

The benefits of Hado Water are nearly boundless. Some common ailments or goals for which our patients use Hado Water include but are not limited to:

I recommend Hado Water to most of my patients to support their healing journeys. And I have been fortunate to witness, alongside them, its spectacular benefits to well being.
— Minerva Henson, Hado Health owner & practitioner

What to Expect

Step One

We start by discussing our client’s current state of health and well being, determining the area he or she most wants to improve, and ensuring a commitment to positive change. 

This is where we create the partnership that is necessary between client and practitioner and that lays the basis for a trusting relationship. Hado Health owner Minerva Henson says, “My clients tell me this makes a big difference as their healing process unfolds. They know I am dedicated to their results, and I take the time to listen and to know them.” It’s also important for clients to realize that Hado Encoded Water works in combination with the client’s own efforts; it won’t override behaviors that directly contradict or work against the client’s goals.

Step 2

We continue with the frequency measurement. 

This entails analyzing the client’s energy system with the help of our scanning device. This device was developed in Japan to analyze a person’s bioresonance waves. During a frequency measurement session, the client rests their hand on the device. The device scans the client’s bio-energetic state. We will know how the energy flows through the organs, meridians, and different tissues to detect, in a timely manner, all the irregularities that can lead to diseases. We can do a Hado frequency measurement remotely too, using a recent photo of the client. Believe it or not, a photo radiates the same frequency as its subject.

The power of this step in our Hado frequency measurement is awareness. The client realizes how choices and past experiences impact his or her health. The client receives both information about the illness he or she may know about, as well as other imbalances that have not reached physical manifestation yet. This gives the client a comprehensive perspective on their health and brings clarity on what can be done to restore balance. 

Step 3

We imprint Hado Water with energy frequencies customized to the client’s needs. 

We use the information from the scan to find any unbalanced organs or body systems and any negative emotions to generate corresponding Hado codes. These codes contain positive information that works to neutralize negative information stored in the client’s cells at the moment. Negative information represents any illness, toxins or virus, imbalances, or negative emotions in our bodies that are affecting our health. 

We then imprint the positive information into water, thus creating what we call Hado Encoded Water. Hado Water is a personalized vibrational (or energetic) support. The client takes it home and drinks it regularly to help balance the body’s energetic state, enhance health, support an emotional or relational need, or achieve a life goal. 

Hado Water FAQs

FAQ: How does Hado Water work?

The understanding behind any vibrational remedy is that everything in our world vibrates on a specific frequency. Every particle, sound, color, emotion, and microorganism carries its own Hado, or its own energy frequency. When frequencies are in disharmony, disease and other challenges may develop in the person’s body or life. Imprinted water is one of the best ways of correcting negative information in the body. Think of this: we are 70% water, and water is central to all cellular processes; this makes water the most effective medium, by far, to influence our energetic field and cellular activity.

Hado frequency measurement is suitable for most health issues, and anyone can benefit from it. It works on an energetic level; it is kind, subtle, and non-intrusive.

The extraordinary results of encoded water are noted every day by practitioners around the world. Dr. Emoto Masaru has documented more than 10,000 cases in which clients experienced significant health improvements upon drinking informed water. Minerva was gradually able to stop using thyroid medication after introducing Hado Water as a healing aid.  We feel it is important to make this technology available for people who resonate with the principles behind it and are ready for deep change.

FAQ: Is Hado Water really effective?

Yes, it really is effective. This field of research is young. Studies are still being carried out, and for good reason. The idea that we can use encoded water in healthcare is groundbreaking! Devices such as the one we use are popular in Japan and across Asia and are just starting to be utilized in the U.S. All over the world, practitioners and tens of thousands of patients are the living proof that encoded water imprinted with frequencies can significantly improve well being and impact many areas of life. For more insight into the common reasons people use Hado Water, visit our Readymade Formulas page.

FAQ: What do I have to do?

Hado Water is a breakthrough in noninvasive healthcare. Our clients’ experience is: put Hado Water drops in a glass of water and drink it. It’s as simple as that. Below the surface, the body receives information to correct its energetic field and cellular processes. This can trigger the body’s own healing process. Day after day, with each glass of Hado Water, the body is supported to return to a state of wellness. 

FAQ: How long does it take to see results?

As with many holistic treatments, as the body transitions from unhealthy to healthy, there may be a brief period of feeling worse. It’s important to note that some people will notice a physical or emotional shift the first day they drink the encoded water, while others will experience most noteworthy changes within 30 days.

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