Acupuncture & Vibrational Therapy




The mix of joy, relief and surprise in our patients’ feedback is always touching and rewarding. For us, this is business as usual. Great results are typical for integrative medicine because the treatment protocols work so much better when we include all aspects of a human being in the quest to create health and beauty.

When you come to Hado Health, you can trust that your whole being is treated well and that we will carefully select the best treatment for your needs.


M. Romero, | Phoenix, AZ

“For over 15 years I have been suffering with low back pain due to sciatica. I am a very active person and when it flares up it also affects my IT band making my activities very difficult. 

I have been treated by multiple chiropractors and although they help, it felt like I was going every week just to be able to resume my activities. I had never done acupuncture and decided to give it a shot since my IT band would give me problems when I jogged. 

Minerva gave me 5 extensive treatments however after the 2nd one I was running up and down the hiking trails without pain. I was pain free for about 4 months when I decided to go back in for maintenance. I am now a firm believer of acupuncture. Thanks so much Minerva!”



Andrea | Bellevue, WA

“Minerva cured my allergies! She treated me for (airborne) allergies in the early Spring. Ever since I was 10 years old I have had sneezy, sniffly, red-eye, headache allergies from Feb-Aug. Every spring I would grab my allergy pills or go find something new. 

Some days I would just lay on the couch for a couple hours. I knew the treatment worked when my neighbor was sneezing and sniffly from the cottonwood trees nearby and I was fine. Another day I was pulling weeds and saw my neighbor who was sneezy with red-eyes. I never worked in the yard because of allergies. Now I can pull weeds, open the windows, and enjoy the air without wondering if my pills are working or if it's just a good day. Every day is a good day now. I highly recommend getting in touch with Minerva.”



Mary C. Anderson | Mill Creek, WA

“A short time ago I was working out and tweaked my lower back, which resulted in my pain level at an all time high. At work the next day I could barely walk or sit down. I called Minerva that day to schedule an appointment for treatment. Going into her office my pain level was around an 8. I walked out feeling relieved, with my pain level down to a comfortable five. 

Minerva contacted me the next day which was a Saturday and upon hearing my pain was still high, offered to try a different technique on me. That day I went in with my pain level higher again around a 6-7. 

The technique she used on me were all natural, targeting points to release natural pain releasing chemicals in my body. I walked out that day and my pain level was between 0-1. 

I can not say enough how incredible this treatment is. I am so happy I did not have to self-medicate myself with drugs. Rather, my body was naturally able to heal itself. In my opinion, this injury would have had a normal recovery time of 6-10 weeks. Incredibly, I was back at the gym pain free in five days. 

I would absolutely recommend Minerva Henson to anyone and everyone. I know there are skeptics about this treatment, as I myself once was. I am a TRUE BELIEVER now! 

I highly recommend this type of treatment to alleviate any and all pain symptoms.”



E.D. | Bellevue, WA

“Minerva's facial toning system using acupuncture and electronic stimulation has tightened and toned the skin in my face. I am 60 years old, and am so thrilled with the results that I have received from the regular treatment schedule I have been on with Minerva.”