Eastside Acupuncture is Now Hado Health


Hado Health is here to open new possibilities for you and your life - the possibilities of wellness, inner and outer beauty, and self-confidence. 

We aim to show you that there are multiple ways to deal with the challenges you face. 

We hope to inspire you to take better care of yourself. 

We promise that, as partners in your health journey, we will take care of you.

A History of Bettering Lives

More than seven years ago, Minerva Henson opened Eastside Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine. Since then, she and her team have made the lives of countless patients easier.

~Through our Eastern medicine modalities, we’ve helped our patients gain freedom from these conditions and more: acute or chronic pain, allergies, insomnia, internal medicine conditions, stress, and feminine health issues.

~Our PSYCH-K® sessions have supported many patients to shift beliefs they had been unconsciously carrying and reset their minds so they could achieve their desires.

~Many patients left our office walking taller with confidence after a cosmetic service.

~And now patients are experiencing rapid and astounding results from custom and ready made Hado Water.

Our Recommitment 

Today, we want to recommit to our mission of supporting our patients to achieve vibrant health and beauty, as well as the overall mind-body-spirit connection that ensures they will thrive in their lives. We take a stand for you - our patients- and your health and wellbeing. To better communicate this message to existing and new patients, we re-branded ourselves as Hado Health.

New Name, Unrivaled Results

The word 'hado' consists of two Japanese characters “wave” and “move,” and together they mean vibration. We chose this word to represent our work, because it encapsulates our approach to health. We know that humans are energy — our bodies have a specific energy signature that goes beyond what we can see with our eyes. Amazingly, we have modern technology that scans, measures, and analyzes a person’s electro-magnetic field. 

As a patient receiving a Hado Frequency Measurement, you will discover that the whole story of your life is written in your energy field. You will find out what energy is healthy and vital, what is weak and needs to be cared for, what emotions need to be released, and what mental patterns need to be shifted. From there, we start your healing journey together. We will offer you a customized treatment plan catered to improving your health — body, mind, and spirit.

What We are Known For

The staff of Hado Health takes your health very seriously. There is no “one size fits all” mentality in our practice; every patient receives an entirely customized treatment plan. We  look forward to getting to know you personally and tailoring our care to meet your specific needs. From working with your other healthcare providers to choosing the right modalities from our wide breadth of offerings - including acupuncture, microneedling, Chinese herbs, cupping, Hado Frequency Water, PSYCH-K, and more - Minerva is committed to creating the best possible wellness results for you.

Let’s Get Started

We invite you to learn more about us and or visit our office in Woodinville, Washington. Call 425-939-0991 or email hello@hadohealth.com to schedule your appointment today, and let’s start your journey toward Inner Balance, Outer Beauty, a Better Life.

Jenna Lee Dillon