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Pain can make life unbearable. Chronic pain takes over to the point that it can feel like it’s part of who we are and can heavily limit what we can do. Pain may feel insurmountable, but it isn’t. Hado Health patients don’t settle for chronic pain, and neither should you. We can help.

How Hado Health Can Help You

At Hado Health, we are well equipped to offer relief from chronic or acute pain.

First, we recognize that pain is different for every individual. We do not believe in standard, “one size fits all” medicinal treatment. Our approach is always to customize each patient’s treatment plan to ease and prevent his or her particular pain. 

We will most likely include acupuncture, which is an effective and trusted form of pain management. It often works on the most severe pain, even if the pain has continued for a long time and has resisted other treatments. There is hope for you to enjoy a higher quality of life, and it begins with a safe and efficient acupuncture therapy.

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If you are ready to seek pain relief via acupuncture, please make an appointment today. Even a few sessions can make a difference. Call 425-939-0991 or email hello@hadohealth.com to schedule or get more information. Or continue reading to learn more about how we use acupuncture or other modalities to treat pain.

Hado Health Modalities for Treating Pain

Minerva Henson, Hado Health owner and practitioner, started her career in acupuncture after receiving treatment that entirely relieved her serious and persistent shoulder pain. As she continued her education in Eastern medicine, she encountered other treatments that are effective for pain relief. She has since incorporated these modalities into her practice to equip her to treat nearly any kind of pain.

Minerva may offer homeopathic and/or bio-natural injections to established patients alone or alongside acupuncture and other modalities to boost the acupuncture treatment. She can utilize bemer for microcirculation issues causing pain. If a patient has experienced severe or prolonged pain, his or her body may be in a chronic state of fight or flight mode and unable to relax; in this case, Minerva would recommend Hado Encoded Water to calm the nervous system. While acupuncture is Hado Health’s most effective method of treating pain, often a combination of services ends up working with the most speed and longterm effectiveness. For this reason, Minerva creates custom treatment plans for each patient.

How Will Hado Health Work to Alleviate My Pain?

We begin by understanding what you are dealing with. Pain is typically classified as either chronic or acute. Chronic pain is continuous or recurring, whereas acute is severe pain that doesn’t last a long time.

Acute Pain

Acute pain acts as an indication that your body is injured in some way. Think of the pain of a broken bone. Acupuncture has been shown to speed up the healing process of injuries, reduce inflammation and swelling, and provide relief of acute pain. The best course for this pain would be frequent treatments over a short period during the healing process.

In addition to injuries caused by trauma, patients may suffer acute pain due to overuse. Some examples are:

∙       Bartenders and baristas with wrist pain

∙       Construction workers with back pain

∙       Grocery workers with foot or knee pain

∙       Back or neck pain for those in the cosmetic industry

∙       Woodworkers with finger or back pain

∙       Tennis players with elbow or shoulder pain

The acute pain would dissipate for these people if they were able to leave their jobs or give up their hobbies. This is rarely a desirable option! Instead, acupuncture coupled with other modalities can help patients maintain their bodies and keep up with the jobs or activities that are causing pain. This situation will require ongoing pain treatment so long as the patient remains in that scenario.

Acute pain may also result from sports, either caused by injury or excessive wear from overuse. A full orthopedic assessment allows us to determine where to treat trigger points and motor points for athletes and active people who are experiencing pain.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be more challenging than acute pain. It is considered a distinct neurological condition, and it is still largely misunderstood and understated. Sometimes, it is impossible to diagnose a specific reason for a patient’s chronic pain. Test results may show “nothing is wrong,” but the constant pain says otherwise. This is very frustrating! One in five people deal with chronic pain. Most of them manage it with prescriptions drugs, which may carry harmful side effects and risk of addiction.

Acupuncture vs. Opioids

With the opioid crisis growing every day, many people are searching for non-addictive alternatives to pain management. If only more people knew acupuncture can be a solution. According to the World Health Organization, acupuncture has similar pain management abilities to morphine, but does not carry the risk of dependency. This makes acupuncture especially valuable for patients who have struggled with chemical dependency. Especially for those in recovery or those at risk for substance dependency, acupuncture is a viable and preferred method of pain treatment.

We can start your acupuncture treatment right away. We need not wait for a specific reason for pain to be identified. Acupuncture works holistically, treating the system of your body. That is why it also carries fringe benefits such as stress relief, improved sleep, mood elevation, and increased energy.

We advise you to visit Hado Health to learn how we might relieve you of chronic or acute pain with acupuncture and add-on modalities. Our custom treatment plans can achieve appreciable results, especially if combined with other factors such as counseling, diet, exercise, massage, meditation, physical therapy, and yoga.

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About Hado Health

At Hado Health, we take a stand for your well-being and quality of life. Our end goal is to go beyond simply easing your pain. We will work with you at multiple levels (physical, emotional, and mental) to make sure we provide healing that targets the root of your condition. The results we’ve had with our patients show we are able to achieve this by blending the ancient wisdom of the East with the inquisitive mind of the West. We work collaboratively with each patient to provide a deeper and more holistic form of healthcare while holding ourselves to the highest professional and ethical standards.

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