Anti-aging treatments



Acupuncture treats the underlying root causes of the imbalances may be reflected on one’s face; these causes include stress, hormonal imbalance, or poor digestion. Acupuncture works to address these causes head-on by harmonizing energy flow within the body. This means you will look better while your body also regains its health.




Hado Encoded Water can also bring a youthful glow to your skin by addressing the root causes of skin issues. Using our can create your own customized frequency-enhanced water. Or we can offer you readymade waters created by trusted brands.


Microneedling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure used to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin. It may treat various scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and large pores. We use the most reliable, FDA approved device, making our treatment safer and far more effective than at-home rollers. Clients who receive microneedling may experience a total remodel of the skin, improved collagen and elastin and a reduction in fine lines.

However, clients can achieve all that faster, with longer lasting results and a better overall look if they opt to add Growth Factor with microneedling. We offer Growth Factor micro-needling for both skin and hair.

  • Skin Rejuvenation: This growth factor micro-needling is specifically engineered for skin. This MD line serum is of the highest quality, and as such, is only available through Minerva’s partnership with a dermatologist. When Minerva uses this serum on the skin, clients receive powerful anti-inflammatory and healing benefits, as well as quickly noticeable rehydration and filling out of the skin. Ingredients may also reduce scar formation. Hado Health clients who have added growth factor to their microneedling services have reported a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, brighter and uplifted skin appearance, overall rejuvenated skin quality, and slowdown or complete halt of further signs of aging.

  • Hair Restoration: This growth factor micro-needling is specifically engineered for hair growth. For those wishing to avoid the hassle of surgery or hormones, this product combines natural, plant-based substances with stem cytokines to deliver a robust product that promotes hair growth and re-stimulates inactive hair follicle stem cells. This product is most effective when coupled with microneedling, as this process improves skin penetration. It can be used on all skin and hair types (even treated hair).

Things to Note:

Growth factors (and cytokines) are produced by our cells every day; the ones found in our product are derived from adult stem cells. When we treat patients with our serum, the growth factors and cytokines send anti-aging biosignals to our skin skin — in the language it understands. This is why our product delivers such impressive results.

Unlike other solutions, our serum does not contain toxic ingredients. They are free of parabens, FD&C dyes, and sulfates.

This product contains premium growth factors known to have superior rejuvenation and regeneration properties when compared to other cell types.

Both hair restoration and skin rejuvenation growth factors have anti-inflammatory properties, unlike PRP (platelet rich plasma) products which actually promote inflammation. Though PRPs are well known for being used with microneedling, such pro-inflammatory products may actually lead to excess pigmentation or scarring in certain individuals. Read more about why the research favors anti-inflammatory products over pro-inflammatory ones in our blog.




Our micro-circulation improvement technology addresses the slowdown of the pumping action of the smallest blood vessels in our skin. This happens as a result of our unhealthy living habits and as part of the natural aging process. Blood cells move much too slowly and can no longer adequately fulfil their tasks. As a result, your skin shows all the signs of aging. Once we use electromagnetically transmitted signals to stimulate your micro-circulation, your skin will be supplied with all that it needs to maintain a youthful, healthy look.


This therapy addresses the slowdown of micro-circulation, which is the pumping action of the smallest blood vessels in our skin. This slowdown occurs because of unhealthy living habits and also as part of the natural aging process. Blood cells begin to move too slowly and can no longer adequately fulfill their tasks. As a result, the skin shows all the signs of aging. Once we use electromagnetically transmitted signals to re-stimulate the micro-circulation, your blood cells may begin to once again supply your skin with what it needs to maintain a youthful, healthy look.


Sagging skin and wrinkles can feel so out of our control. But with bio rejuvenation injections, the skin should experience a lift and a reduction in wrinkles.

These affordable, all-natural homeopathic bio-injections are designed specifically for facial esthetics and naturally improve skin vitality in as few as three injection sessions. Many clients choose to combine the bio-injection sessions with cosmetic acupuncture treatments or micro-needling, as this rapidly speeds up the rejuvenation process and contributes to a long-lasting outcome.




While you’re investing in yourself, why not match your newly glowing skin with bright, white teeth? Our teeth and our smile are crucial to building our confidence and enabling us to make a positive impression on those we meet.

With only one minute of prep, our 20-minute process delivers a realistic 2-5 shade change without causing any tooth sensitivity.

Patients get to take home product to use as needed every four to six months to retain results. Staying true to our holistic approach, we have done our best to bring you the only “green” teeth whitening system manufactured in the USA: Sinsational SmileⓇ. This is a perfect complement to your beauty routine, allowing you to smile with confidence.

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